If your landscape investment includes a new patio, staircase or stone wall, we have the skills to build it.  

In most cases, rebuilding a stone wall is a matter of rotating stones so that the long ends are pointing into the wall. 

Stone walls can support stairs and/or create  pockets for planting shrubs & perennials.  

Stones add functional stability and durability- in contrast to softer, dynamic plant materials.  

Stones on site (above) mixed with stones from other regions offer greater variation of colors and textures.  

"Green Mountain Granite" (above)

The Dry Stone Walling Association(DSWA) offers  workshops & certification at The Stone Trust .

Oxidation of quarry stones (below). 

Riverbank quartz 

PA fieldstone &  Acworth stone.

 "Heart" did not break while trimming (luck).

                                         DSWA certified at The Stone Trust of Vermont